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Big Question here and it involves Skyrim

Simple… what do you think of the PS3 version of Skyrim lacking DLC?

Just real curious as to what people are thinking. I know a lot of PS3 owners are angry but I would like to hear it from others as well.

DtV: Asura’s Wrath- Lost Episode 1 DLC


Release Date: May 8, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence

Even with the main storyline finished, the DLC keeps on rolling out. Asura’s Wrath is full of non-stop action and flying fists, so what better game to pair it with than Capcom’s own Street Fighter series? I’m even convinced there’s a tie-in with Street Fighter X Tekken hidden somewhere here. For the entire DLC, Asura will duke it out with iconic martial artist, Ryu. If you’re not excited yet, just wait until Ryu allows the Satsui No Hado to take control! Who will come out on top?!

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My article on the Asura’s Wrath Lost Episode 1 DLC

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is a go!


For everyone that has ME3 for Xbox 360 can go and download the DLC free of charge. As for PS3 owners… you have to wait until July 4th to see if this new DLC changes people’s opinion on the game.

Just as a bit of warning, the Extended Cut does not offer different endings but rather extends what the original endings meant, offering more answers to all that were confused.

Hope you all enjoy!

I’m downloading this as we speak. Let’s hope people actually enjoy this.

Empty Wallet Gamer: DtV: Asura's Wrath- Nirvana DLC


Release Date: April 24, 2012

-Marcus Lawrence

Spoiler Alert! This edition will contain spoilers for those who have not beaten Asura’s Wrath. Skip to the bottom for the verdict if you are one of these people.

Alright people, this is the big one! Those two other DLC’s are chump change in…

Written by yours truly.

Download the Verdict (DtV) Asura’s Wrath: Episode 11.5 DLC


Hello followers and readers. The crew at Empty Wallet Gamer would like to say thanks to all of you that have shown your support. Today, we are adding a new feature to our line up. Download the Verdict is dedicated to DLC and if it’s worth purchasing. Hopefully you enjoy it and feedback is always welcome. Thanks again.

Episode 11.5 of Asura’s Wrath was the first DLC to come out back in March. This filler episode explains the in between of episode 11 and 12. We find Asura weakened and damaged after his epic fight with mentor, Augus. Before long, hordes of Gohma start marching towards Asura. With sword in mouth, Asura rushes the hordes of Gohma; can he survive with no arms and just a sword?

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As a new feature I came up with for EWG, Download the Verdict or DtV will focus on anything DLC. First up is the Episode 11.5 for Asura’s Wrath and for fans out there, it’s a good one. Don’t miss out on the next DtV as I’ll be talking about Episode 15.5 of Asura’s Wrath.